Walton – A Little Piece of Paradise

The original land grant for the communities of Walton and East Walton was called The Paradise Grant. Walton, on the Minas Basin, has much to offer and discover. Many would agree that it is a little piece of paradise.

Aerial view of Walton as it looked in 2000.

Aerial view of Walton as it looked in 2000.

Once a busy sea port, Walton is now a peaceful village rich in a history of ship building, lumbering, quarrying and mining. Two tall barite silos are the last standing reminder of the days of shipping barite from Walton. The wharf burned August 9th, 2012. The fall gales and tides of winter 2013 caused extreme damage to the already deteriorated breakwater.

In 2014 Walton is home to families, retirees, entrepreneurs, artists, photographers and writers. The community enjoys a beautiful location at the mouth of the Walton River where residents and visitors can view marshlands, a reversing falls and the Walton harbor. On a clear day, Cape Blomidon, Parrsboro, Economy and the Five Islands can be seen across the Minas Basin. Daily tides, at times exceeding 12 metres, fill the harbor and then recede leaving extensive red mud flats that host fossils, numerous sea creatures, birds and even hidden ship wrecks. Eagles are often seen soaring high above the water.

Kayaking the rapids at the Walton Bridge

Kayaking the rapids at the Walton Bridge

Residents and visitors can enjoy swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing, clamming, beach combing and fresh and salt water fishing. Trails and wooded areas provide opportunities for walking, four wheeling, snowmobiling and hunting. Wild life known to the region include pheasants, partridge, ducks, geese, deer, bears and coyotes.

The community of Walton has a volunteer fire department, postal service, churches, a pub; variety store with a liquor store, a campground, and the last original lighthouse in Hants County. Senior, church and volunteer groups meet at various locations in the community

A Bit of the Past


One response to “Walton – A Little Piece of Paradise

  1. I have a question- I lived not far from Walton years ago and when I see the barite silos, what is the building on top of them- this may not be the place to ask but I am having trouble finding a better place-thanks for you help John

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