How Walton was named

Walton was officially named in 1836. The name was given in honour of the family of John and Mary Nutting, influential people who owned extensive property in the area. Mary was the daughter of James Walton, housewright (carpenter) of Reading, Mass., to whom her husband was apprenticed as a young man. By putting carpentry work in his way, providing him with financial backing, and supporting his entry into the military, James Walton, often called “Captain Walton”, played an important part in John Nutting’s career.

The Hants Journal of December 1836 is quoted:
“At a meeting of the Descendants of the Old Settlers, and the inhabitants of Petite, in the Township of Kempt, in the County of Hants, William Parker Sr., in the chair. On motion of Mr. Robert O’Brien, seconded by Francis Parker Esq., it was unanimously resolved, that the section of Kempt, hitherto called Petite, commencing at Black Point, shall in the future be called, and distinguished by the name of Walton.”


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