In the middle of the 19th century, Walton and many other communities bordering the Minas Basin had a shipyard. The Walton shipyard was located near the site of the present location of the concrete barite silos. It was first opened by Francis Parker who had the barque Walton built there in 1855 along with several other ships. William S. Vaughan, a prominent shipbuilder of the day acquired the shipyard in the 1870’s and built several ships there. The largest was the barque D.H. Morris. In 1881 the brigantine Georgie was likely the last ship built in the Walton shipyard.

Ships Built at Walton:

Barque D.H. Morris built in Walton 1876. (R. Clark collection)

Barque D.H. Morris built in Walton 1876. (R. Clark collection)

Year Name Rig Tonnage Owner
1851 Madeline Schooner 52 E. Conley
1852 Horatio Ilsley Schooner 60 W. Rathburn
1852 Boundary Schooner 188 W. Foley
1854 Hants Schooner 21 J. Godfrey, Walton
1854 Landscape Schooner 31 N. Sanford, Walton
1855 Walton Barque 557 Francis Parker et al, Walton
1859 Homes Schooner 136 J.E.Crane, Walton
1859 J.W.Harris Brig 182 S.N. Robinson
1860 Magna Carta   171 A. Tomlinson, Walton
1860 Kesington Brig 153 D. Borrowdale, White Haven
1861 B. Smith   196 J.F. McLellan
1861 Belvedere     J.H. Morris, Windsor
1862 Coronella Brig 141 Robinson and Co., Saint John
1864 G.E. Peniston Brigantine 217 Francis Hurst, New York
1865 Memphis Brig 167 E. Churchill, Hantsport
1866 Palestina Barque 318 Mark Shaw, New York
1868 Hope Schooner 85 D.H. Morris, Windsor
1869 W.S. Vaughan Schooner 22 A.J. O’Brien, Noel
1869 Morford and Truby Schooner 214 G. Mosher
1872 Jessie Harris Barque 818 H. Roberts
1873 Rozella Smith Brigantine 508 Mark Shaw, Windsor
1874 Emma L. Shaw Brigantine 567 Simpson and Shaw
1875 M.A. Doran Brigantine 315 Joseph W. Stephens, Walton
1875 Marion Schooner 25 J.H. Lyons, Cornwallis
1876 D.H. Morris Barque 1197 D.H. Morris, Windsor
1880 Glide Schooner 86 Capt. Robert Hunter
1881 Georgie Brigantine 229 David H. Morris, Windsor

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